April 18 2012

At Another Level

By The Philosophy Channel Editorial Staff

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In the mid-seventies, the actor, Robert Foxworth, appeared on “The Tonight Show” to talk to Johnny Carson about a made for TV film in which he had recently appeared. And he had a story to tell. The film was “The Questor Tapes” and the story he had to tell involved being stalked on Hollywood Boulevard by a man driving a white Rolls Royce convertible.

First, the film: The Questor Tapes was about (spoiler alert!) the last in a line of androids, with human appearance, that had originally been placed on the earth, in the distant past, by beings called the Masters. The purpose of the Masters, and the line of androids created with their knowledge, was to guide and protect mankind, anonymously, on its path to ever-greater knowledge and responsibility in the exercise of the power that such knowledge would inevitably bring. One brief scene in the film displays the array of previous artificial incarnations lining the walls of a great cave and one gets the sense that, upon closer inspection, we’d probably find some pretty big names among their number.

Now, onto the story: One beautiful, sunny afternoon, Robert is cruising down Hollywood Boulevard when he notices a car behaving erratically some distance behind. As he continues along, glancing with increasing concern into his rearview mirror, it appears that the car is weaving in and out of traffic and getting closer. And then closer. Moments later, the car, a white Rolls Royce convertible, is on his bumper and the driver is waiving wildly and honking his horn, signaling him to pull over.

As he nervously glides to the curb, a man jumps out of the hastily parked Rolls and comes running toward him. Still seated in his car, and now with increasing alarm, Robert locks his door and rolls up his window. The man, now at his driver-side window, is shouting at him and saying, “I knew it was you! I knew it was you! Man, I love you! You were in that film, The Questor Tapes. I love you, man! I love that film!” Stunned, slowly rolling down his window, Robert now sees that Sammy Davis Jr. is standing next to his car, telling him… that he loves him. 

Sammy knew it was him! 

At around the same time, the paperback edition of a recent best seller was being published. The book was titled, Seth Speaks, by Jane Roberts. It was and has remained something of a New Age classic.

An excerpt: “The Speakers (there have been millions of them) are gifted according to their own characters, some having far more abilities than others, but all playing roles in the communication of inner data. In your terms, therefore, some Speakers would be much more accomplished than others. For example, there have been a far smaller number of truly prominent Speakers than the number given. There have been less than thirty great Speakers. 

“The Christ entity was one. The Buddha was another. These Speakers are as active when they are nonphysical as when they are physical. The Christ entity had many reincarnations before the emergence of the ‘Christ’ personality as known; so did the Buddha.

“The greatest speakers do not only translate and communicate inner data, but also go much further into these inner realms of reality than others connected with your physical system.

“The original source of the Speaker data is the inner knowledge of the nature of reality that is within each individual. The Speakers are to keep the information alive in physical terms, to see that men do not bury it within and dam it up, to bring it – the information – to the conscious self.

“They speak the inner secrets, in other words. In some civilizations [...] they played a much stronger part, practically speaking. At times they were consistently, consciously and egotistically aware of this information.”

And, finally: “At another level, (Ralph Waldo) Emerson was a Speaker.”

I knew it!

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