December 07 2012

The Philosophy Channel is Back

By The Philosophy Channel Editorial Staff

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The Philosophy Channel (TPC) is pleased to announce today that it is partnering with an Emmy Award-winning (among numerous other prestigious accolades, including The Humanitas Prize and multiple Gold and Silver Hugo Awards) filmmaking organization, on a co-production that will explore the conflict between mainstream science and academia, as it collides with broadly-held public views that range from traditional religious belief to what many would consider paranormal or “Fringe” encounters with that unexpectedly fraught term: Reality.

Over the next several months, the majority of TPC content updates will engage this subject with brief “Probes,” to borrow a phrase from Marshall McLuhan, as this ambitious undertaking enters a research and development phase that will unfold, in some as yet to be fully determined measure, online. We hope you come along for the ride – and stay for the show.

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