The Philosophy Channel

About Us

When one hears the word "philosophy," what often comes to mind is a fond recollection of an interesting class or two taken in college. Close on the heels of such memories is the quiet, mature acknowledgement that those pleasant mental exertions could find little real value in a world impatient for measurable, material results and accomplishments. And so, such youthful indulgences were usually set aside as we took our place in the grown-up world.

That world, as we soon come to learn, doesn't pass a day without pushing vexing questions to the fore. Questions, whether political, economic, or spiritual that may be seen as an invitation to engage in a kind of philosophy-in-action. Philosophy undercover in a world we previously had come to believe was often indifferent, if not openly hostile, to such reflection. But this philosophy is different – noisy and messy and not always receptive to the well-honed argument.

It is within this tumultuous environment that The Philosophy Channel has been created as a comprehensive destination for serious intellectual engagement, covering an increasingly wide array of themes and discipline areas.

Our goal is to take an incisive look at any number of topical and historic issues within a civil, but little-is-sacred framework that encourages reflection upon and re-evaluation of substantive and controversial matters. We hope to help illuminate and enliven the ideas, both ancient and modern, that constitute the foundation of our present and the raw material of our future.

We invite you to join us in this discussion.